Group 693    This is our music, mp3, quicktime, spoken word, radio theater, story, artwork, ufo, alien, time and mind travel, groove, rock, improv, and dimensional exploration station!  er uh.... web site.  I bet ya Art Bell would dig us. You know... we sent Art Bell a CD a long time ago, then Y2k came along.  Never heard back from him.  Maybe he is still in his bunker in Nevada.  It's OK!  You can come out now!  hmmm.  Maybe George Noory would dig us.   Anyway back to the group. Group 693 is a collection of artists, musicians, poets, film makers, story tellers, and explorers, headed up by Greg Martin and Dick Jetson.  We make art in many mediums, explore our thoughts, feelings, emotions, random nonsense, and relative notions in any way we see fit.  If things seem a little silly or serious around here, it is because everybody views things through a different filter.  And as artists, Group 693 will take risks and push the envelope.  How else can ya break on through? :)

Welcome to the Group 693 web site.  We know you will dig it. Hang out at the art cafe, the music hall, or any number of our fun filled destinations.  Just enjoy what we have to offer and tell others about us. Don't forget to visit the brain room before you leave.  Share our art with friends.  Tell them about our site.

There is some groovy stuff on the way...

This web site is always a work in progress so tune in often
So turn out the lights.
The neighbors are watching.
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Here, Check out these MP3's of Thoughts in Blue, Flight 19, Alien Telecaster, and Vamps from our newest CD "Experiment".
Thoughts in Blue 6.8 meg
Flight 19  14.4 meg
Alien Telecaster 7.7 meg
Vamps 10.8 meg

Prisoner of Circumstance 11.9 meg
Telephone 10.9 meg
TributeJohnB 6.4 meg
Terster  5 meg

Here is an old recording I rescued from almost certain destruction.  That is the old family grandfather clock providing the tick tock in the mix.
ClockFix 7.6 meg

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. If you do...
"The Dream" Music video is here! click for more info!
"The Dream"

Keep an eye out for "The Adventures of Captain Zod".  Also, "Tales from the Enus."

"Tales From the Enus."
"The Adventures of Captain Zod"

We share a very unique number with a lot of cool things.  For some of the things in the universe we are connected to simply by sharing the number 693, see below...
The Number

The Listening Post    THIS JUST IN!  "FLIGHT 19" info captured!!

The Poetry Corner

The Art Cafe

The Music Hall

The Brain Room

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Some of our early musical work can be found at our sister site.

Group 693 music downloads

You wonder about the name I see.  The "693" part comes from where the band was formed. 693 South Peachtree Street NE. Norcross, Georgia.  This is what it looked like when it still exsisted.

The Old Home

It still exsists in other dimensions, but has been torn down in the more common plane.  In all planes it is sacred ground.  Not because the band was formed there.... but because it just is...

The "Group" part comes in because we are a band, group, collection of like items or collection of items with a common tie, formation, mental collective, and .... you get the point..   Oh yah,  and Dick Jetson always wanted a band with "Group" in the name.

All art, music, video, sound, text, and any other content on this web site is copyrighted material and is owned in whole by Group 693.
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