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audio telescope

High Atop Parson's Peak Stands Listening Post 693!!!

We like to hang out at the Post.  One of our favorite Saturday twilight rituals is taking the gondola to the top of Parson's Peak to hang at the Post.  We turn the lava lamps on low, put on the headphones, turn on the "Space Station" and listen to our favorite pirate alien radio stations.  They lay it down, we tune it in, you can listen too!

A shot of the "Space Station" where we dial in our favorite tunes from deep space.

The station engineers have been erased to protect their identity.
Stay tuned for the choicest MP3 selections  from across the GALAXY!

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This Just In!  Possible Information on "Flight 19"!

Engineers at Parson's Peak have picked up and decripted a renegade alien transmission.  Our sources say this transmission may shed some light on the "Flight 19" where-abouts.
Please listen in to all of the decoded transmissions.

Post Storm Prelude
Flight 19
Radio Highjack

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