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Mystery partially solved!!!

Anyone familiar with the Group 693 song, "Alien Telecaster" knows of a line in the song that reads, "...Where's my Alien Telecaster?..."  Group 693 studio recording engineer, Daft Rodgers, has recently come across a security tape that may shed some light on the famous question of the disappearance of Greg Martin's Tele.  The tape shows in fairly good detail the perpetrator making off with the famed ax.  The camera used has a thermoOptic 1rst field scan combined with infra red and color 3/4" ccd HyperHad 2nd field scan line composite image
.  This helps enhance dark images and helps catch action at extreme high rates of speed with low light aperture settings.   But that's not important right now.  A reward is said to be offered for anyone with information on the where-abouts of this bandit. Below is an enhanced image taken from the footage.  Also the original quicktime can be downloaded.  Please take a look and help us track down this brigand!


Download this short quicktime of the actual high speed camera footage!!
Tele getting ripped off!!!  484kb

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