by Greg Martin
train house

Just listening to the radio.

Have you ever seen it
You know the radio that looks like the pepsi vendor
The phone rings wrecking the beat
You do really now

I don’t believe you
No money down
Its just so ballbus
Let’s go we’re late

I just want you to know
You just want I to know
They screamed for the Beatles
When they went “Oeewwww”
Even when George sang Harmonies

I don’t know why
But they faint almost
Just use the word Love
She loves you ya ya ya
Love me do
With Love from me to you
All my Lovin
Why do I always have to say LOVE
I wanna hold your hand actually
Is the Same as saying, “I Love you”
So on, so forth, so be it

It’s almost unrealistic
To think that I will
Play the Ed Sullivan show
I don’t think it’s even on anymore

I have a Gretsch
I have a Les Paul
A stratocaster
A Telecaster

Why  would I even want to be famous anyway
I’m not jealous
Money That’s what I want
That’s what I want
What I want

It’s O.k. really
Not to be famous
A musician
But not famous

Self Worth
To be a musician
And not famous
As the girls say, Oh Darn.

It’s kind of nice
Not having to worry
There will be no Mobs of Fans
Clawing at the car window

To get a peak at me
I can stand in Washington Square
Without getting mobbed
No Blue Meanies protecting me

Yah I can walk down the street
No flash bulbs Poppin
Yah, no Poppy Rotknees
Or whatever

Forget the Long hair
Forget the Guitar
Don’t worry about what amp to buy
Don’t worry about clever lyrics

No PRS endorsment for me
Boy wouldn’t that be nice
People paying me to play their stuff
No 60 city tour for me

It’s  O.K. really
I don’t judge my self worth
If I were as famous
As a beatle, really

Gotta Love those big fat Chords
The click of sticks
The shape of a Nuemann
The rattle of Big bass Strings

Still Love being a musician
Even if I’m not as famous
As a beatle.
Really, It’s o.k. Really

copyright 2003 Greg Martin / Group 693